GCP BigQuery Expression | Monthly Invoice Based on Labels

In this GCP BigQuery expression, I show how you can retrieve the monthly invoice data on all resources in a specified project based on assigned label values. This method of capturing cloud spend can be applied after you've enabled the Cloud Billing data export to BigQuery functionality.

This query performs the following functions:

  • The sum of regular costs, taxes, adjustments and rounding errors for each invoice month using inner CAST

  • The CROSS JOIN statement excludes Null arrays/rows and UNNEST operator flattens the array of labels into rows

  • Filter by project name

  • Group by key/value labels and invoice month

  • Order by invoice month

This is just one scenario displaying the value of applying tags/labels on your cloud resources. I've found tagging essential when it comes to cloud cost analysis, especially across a multi-cloud, multi-platform infrastructure!

Link to query on Gist: https://gist.github.com/jksprattler/80519ade571714c4415e103ccc8ad2be